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Klarna for Shopify

Klarna helps you convert more sales in your Shopify store. Your customers get the freedom to buy what they want now and pay over time, while you get paid up front and in full. In this section, you will learn how to get started with Klarna in your Shopify store once you have completed your onboarding to Klarna.

The steps needed to enable Klarna for your customers are outlined in the following sections:

1. Enable Klarna Payments

2. Enable Klarna On-site Messaging

Klarna for Shopify
Klarna Payments
Offer Klarna payment methods to customers in your Shopify checkout through a simple integration process.
On-site Messaging
With our free On-site Messaging app you can further increase your sales through Klarna. With On-site messaging, you will increase awareness of Klarna’s flexible payment options and other benefits early in the sales funnel. Give your customers greater purchasing power while seeing an increased average order value and an expanded customer base.
Additional features
Our On-site Messaging app enables you to ensure customers are able to see product images and links to the products post-purchase through the Klarna app.