Klarna Docs - Get started with Klarna on Shopify

Get started with Klarna on Shopify

Klarna can be integrated for a Shopify merchant either as:

  1. a local payment method, for available regions, within Shopify Payments, supported by Shopify
  2. an alternative payment method, for any available Klarna region, supported by Klarna

For Klarna as an alternative payment method, Klarna has 2 apps available for Shopify merchants:

  1. Klarna Payments (free, unlisted public app, as Shopify doesn’t allow payments apps to be listed in the Shopify app store)
  2. Klarna On-site messaging (free, public app in the Shopify app store)

Prerequisite: Prior to messaging Klarna on your storefront using the public Klarna On-site messaging app, Shopify merchants should first integrate Klarna active within Shopify checkout. (This On-site messaging app for Shopify is not compatible with Klarna as a local payment method within Shopify Payments, as that option doesn't support acceptance of the required Klarna legal terms in the Klarna Merchant Portal.)

If you don’t yet have Klarna API credentials, you can sign up at the Merchant Portal button in the top navigation of docs.klarna.com

Once you have received your Klarna API credentials, instructions to activate Klarna Payments in your Shopify store are available at Install Klarna Payments on Shopify (HPSDK)