Klarna Docs - Using purchase country, locale and currency

Using purchase country, locale and currency

In each session you must define a purchase country, locale and currency. This article will describe how these map to each other and what accepted values there are for each.

Purchase country refers to what country that a created session should pertain to. Since we have different available payment methods and even totally different purchase flows for different countries, it is necessary that this country selection is done correctly.

Note: You need to sign an agreement (or addendum to an agreement) for every country you want to enable. Otherwise you will not be able to create a session for a country.

Please reach out to your Klarna contact person if you want to add a new country to your setup!

In addition to this, we also only support a limited set of locales per country, as we want to ensure that all localized descriptions are keeping a high standard.

Please also note that we only support the local currency in each country.

Table of available countries, locales and currencies

CountryPurchase CountrySupported LocalesSupported Currency
AustriaATde-AT, en-ATEUR
BelgiumBEnl-BE, fr-BE, be-BE, en-BEEUR
CanadaCAen-CA, fr-CACAD
Czech RepublicCZcs-CZ, en-CZCZK
DenmarkDKda-DK, en-DKDKK
FinlandFIfi-FI, sv-FI, en-FIEUR
FranceFRfr-FR, en-FREUR
GermanyDEde-DE, en-DEEUR
GreeceGRel-GR, en-GREUR
Ireland (Republic of Ireland)IEen-IEEUR
ItalyITit-IT, en-ITEUR
NetherlandsNLnl-NL, en-NLEUR
NorwayNOnb-NO, en-NONOK
PolandPLpl-PL, en-PLPLN
PortugalPTpt-PT, en-PTEUR
SpainESes-ES, en-ESEUR
SwedenSEsv-SE, en-SESEK
SwitzerlandCHde-CH, fr-CH, it-CH, en-CHCHF
United KingdomGBen-GBGBP
United StatesUSen-US, es-USUSD

Note: If you also provide a country in the Billing Address object, this will override the value sent in the purchase_country field of the session.

Please ensure that you handle values according to the experience you want to offer your customers!