Klarna APIs are available through different base URLs relating to your location and interaction needs.To access these APIs, combine the base URL + endpoint, for example to "create an order" construct the URL to call like this: Base URL for environment + /payments/v1/authorizations/ 

Example url for Live environment


Use the testing environments to get familiarized with API behaviour and try out things; use the live environments to start real transactions with Klarna.

NOTE: Use HTTPS for all of your interactions with Klarna APIs.

Base URLs - Live (production)

  • Europe:  https://api.klarna.com/
  • North America:  https://api-na.klarna.com/
  • Oceania:  https://api-oc.klarna.com/

Base URLs - Testing (playground)

  • Europe:  https://api.playground.klarna.com/
  • North America:  https://api-na.playground.klarna.com/
  • Oceania:  https://api-oc.playground.klarna.com/

HTTP versions

The API endpoints supports the HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 protocol.