Klarna Docs - Overview

The Klarna Payments extension is a Klarna product that lets you add any of Klarna's payment methods to your checkout page. For more information about Klarna Payments see Klarna payments page. The extension provides a broad set of features. The main features of Klarna Payments in the extension are:

  • Usable on all markets where Klarna is available
  • Support of all Payment Methods on each market
  • Klarna Payments GraphQl
  • Authorization callbacks
  • B2B
  • Design adjustments so that it fits the used theme in the store

Klarna Payments can be used in all markets where Klarna is available without any technical restriction: North America, Europe, and Oceania. For a more defined list see here. To make this work the store has to be configured regarding the market's needs. This includes for example the correct tax and currency settings. After that, just the Klarna Payments API settings have to be configured. These can be found at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Klarna -> API configuration:

The extension has no technical restriction about which payment methods are allowed. As long as Klarna provides these in the respective markets and these payment methods are part of the contract between the merchant and Klarna they are shown and usable in the shop. The configuration of the payment methods is handled by Klarna. Based on it there is no need to do any configuration in the shop or on the extension.

Klarna Payments can also be used in Magento's PWA environment. For the extension configuration, there is no difference compared to when using Klarna Payments in a non-Magento PWA environment. The only action that must be done is to call a specific endpoint in the extension in the PWA environment. For more information about Magento's PWA environment see here.

With Klarna Payments, B2B purchases are possible. The only thing that must be done is to enable B2B on the used Klarna API credentials and to enable B2B in the shop admin. The first action will be done by Klarna. The B2B setting in the shop can be found at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Klarna -> Klarna Payments:

When a customer selects Klarna as a payment method it provides a default design. This design does not always fit the used theme in the respective shop. Each store can have a different look and feel. The extension provides a way to change the default design so that it better fits the store. The design adjustment configuration can be found in the shop admin section Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Klarna -> Klarna Payments -> Design: