Klarna Docs - Removing the Klarna On-site messaging app

Removing the Klarna On-site messaging app

If you no longer want to use the Klarna On-site messaging app for Shopify in your store, in order to remove all inserted code for your store, first disconnect the account from the app Settings page.  Then delete the app from your Shopify store -> Apps page, per screen shot below.  All code will thus be removed from your store.  

You can confirm this by viewing the HTML source of the page to check the JavaScript libraries loaded for your store (search for the ‘asyncLoad’ function).   To check for the placement code, inspect the code and search for ‘klarna-placement’

If you already removed the Klarna On-site messaging app, but the KlarnaThemeGlobals code was not removed from your theme (if added to your theme prior to 2022-Dec-13), you can manually remove it from the theme.liquid file in your store admin from Online Store -> Actions -> Edit code