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FAQ - Klarna Prestaworks Plug-ins


What are PrestaShop plug-ins?

Prior to 2023, PrestaShop eCommerce platform merchants that onboard via Klarna.com had the option to use Klarna plug-in module solutions developed by PrestaWorks to integrate and go-live with Klarna on their web-store checkout. The solutions were available for Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout, and also included On-site messaging and Order Management functionalities.

The last releases for the PrestaWorks modules with Klarna involvement were:

What is the change to the plug-ins module listing?

Starting January 1st 2023, the above PrestaWorks modules are no longer distributed by Klarna for newly onboarded merchants on PrestaShop.  Klarna is working on new modules that will be supported without merchant cost.

How can an existing (transacting) merchant using PrestaWorks plugins receive technical support ?

Partners already live who have a technical issue with their PrestaWorks plug-ins will be required to get support from Prestaworks AB directly with cost paid by the merchant. Partners must purchase and re-install the Prestaworks AB owned plug-ins if they wish to receive technical support for PrestaWorks plug-ins.

Note: Currently, partners may remain on their current Klarna Payment or Klarna Checkout version if they face no technical issues.