Klarna Docs - FAQ: Adobe Commerce ≥ 2.3.x

FAQ: Adobe Commerce ≥ 2.3.x

You cannot use both Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout in the same website. You can use it in the same Magento instance as long as you setup separate websites and have your Klarna contract allowing both products. To continue those discussions please speak with your Account Manager / Implementation Expert or contact a Klarna sales representative if you don’t already have a contract with us.

We display the payment method name returned to us by the API.  The payment method name is driven by Regional Product and Marketing. You cannot change it at the merchant level. You would have to take the feature request to the regional product managers.

Magento uses a base currency that is configured at the website level (not store view) along with tax configuration done at the website level (not store view).  To avoid rounding and mismatch issues we only work with base currency and do not support using display currency (which is used by the currency switcher). So if you want to support multiple currencies you will need to setup multiple websites (with different URLs, configured in Magento at the "Website" level, not store view) for each currency

You can find this configuration here:

  • Stores→Configuration→General→General→Country Options→Allow Countries
  • Stores→Configuration→Sales→Payment Methods→Klarna→Klarna Checkout→Shipping Countries

It’s not supported natively by Magento. Because of this, many merchants build this functionality into Magento themselves. There is no standard way to implement bulk capture, so we have no way of building our code to support this. If Magento ever releases support for this natively in the platform, we will add full support for it as well

The below tax configuration is necessary for tax to be calculated and communicated properly between Magento and Klarna.

Navigate to: Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Tax

General Tax Calculation

  • “Tax Calculation Based On” should be set to “Shipping Address”
  • “Apply Customer Tax” must be set to “After Discount”

Tax Calculation for non-US countries 

  • “Tax Calculation Method Based On” should be set to “Row Total”
  • “Catalog Prices” must be set to “Including Tax”
  • “Shipping Prices” must be set to “Including Tax” 
  • “Apply Discount on Prices” must be set to “Including Tax”

Tax Calculation for US

  • “Tax Calculation Method Based On” should be set to “Unit Price”
  • “Catalog Prices” must be set to “Excluding Tax”
  • “Shipping Prices” must be set to “Excluding Tax”
  • “Apply Discount on Prices” must be set to “Excluding Tax”

For versions <2.4.3 logs are stored on a merchant's server in “var/log” folder within root Magento installation. Starting from 2.4.3 (GA August'20) we will include UI for Klarna logs directly to Magento admin.

With M2, Magento has moved to the industry standard of using composer for installing packages.  This is Magento’s preferred solution that is recommended to all 3rd party partners and as such Klarna only provides the install using this method.  Using composer allows us to specify external requirements our modules rely on and have those installed automatically for the merchant (as opposed to the merchant having to do additional steps to install our modules)

The zip file that is downloaded is only the meta-package for our extension and is not something Klarna has a way of turning off (the zip file is show for all extensions regardless of if they are M1 or M2, however they are really more relevant for M1 extensions).

You should disable it at the default scope and enable it at the website scope for the country you want to have KCO in.

All order management operations should be done in Magento. In Magento we sync with merchant portal but when doing it in the merchant portal there is no sync with Magento.

If this is for a physical item being ordered, please make sure the customer is being presented with shipping options. If no shipping options are offered, Magento will reject the order causing us to cancel the order. If you offer different shipping method by region, please make sure you also offer a fallback shipping option that covers the entire country so that if a customer enters a shipping address that Magento does not have regional options for the customer will at least be presented with the fallback option

Please check supported tax configuration here.

"validation_service_failed" means that the order validation that happens between Klarna and Magento failed.  Our system will do a callback to the merchant’s system just prior to redirecting the consumer to the success page.  This callback is what reported the error. If you have debug mode enabled, you should be able to review your klarna_*.log files to see what error was reported.

This error message should not be happening anymore in Magento version >=2.3.6 and >=2.4.1. Upgrading to one of those should solve it. 

This can have multiple reasons for example:

  • Is the shop reachable from outside (even for local development, your shop must be publicly accessible. Use a service such as https://ngrok.com)
  • Is the shop using an https address?
  • Is the SSL certificate self-signed (these won’t work, use https://letsencrypt.org/ instead)
  • Is the website password secured?
  • Are you whitelisting specific IP’s? If yes: We use AWS, so you would need to whitelist all of AWS. It is better that you don’t try to use IP, instead allow all traffic to any URL with /klarna/ or /kco/. If you really have to use IPs, see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/aws-ip-ranges.html

Check that:

  • the shop is accessible public (make it available on a public site or tunnel to interact with KCO)
  • there is no firewall rules that can block calls to Klarna
  • there is no 3rd party extensions that can also interfere with KCO

You need to check a value in the setting and set it with at least 2:

  • for EE: Stores->Customer Address Attributes->Street->Lines Count setting
  • for CE: Stores->Configuration->Customers->Customer configuration -> Name and Address options > Number of Lines

If you use KSA, check that it's enabled in admin configuration. 

When you want to change your contract you should contact merchant support.

For questions regarding solution or bug reports you can contact us by email magento@klarna.com.

Please include the following information:

  • Magento version (e.g. 2.4.2)
  • Klarna service offering (Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout). For KCO - plug-in version (e.g. 9.2.2)
  • Live or Playground
  • Detailed description of your question/issue
  • Steps to reproduce it
  • Logs (var/logs/klarna_api.log or any other logs showing error)
  • If possible - access to the test environment