Klarna Docs - Order management

Order management

With Order Management all post-order placement actions can be done. For more general information, see Order Management. The Klarna Adobe Commerce extension provides logic so that this functionality can be used in the store. It contains the following features:

With order management, different actions can be done after an order is placed. These are the main actions: invoice creation [capture], cancellation, refund, and release remaining authorization. All these actions are done on the respective order page in the shop admin: Sales -> Orders -> [selected order].

To release the remaining authorization for an order, cancel the uncaptured items (which have not been invoiced).

The functionality can be used for all orders which were placed with Klarna. It works independently of the used Klarna product. This means it can be used for orders which were placed for example with Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout.

There are stores that are connected to an external system for example ERP. Such a system creates a reference for the invoice and refund and stores it in its own system. The order management system of the ERP transfers the reference to the store. This reference can be used in the Klarna API requests for invoice creation and refund. In this way, there is a correct mapping between the ERP and Klarna.