Klarna Docs - On-site messaging

On-site messaging

With On-site messaging, banners inform your customers which payment and financing options are available before they reach the checkout page.

The Klarna extension includes the logic that makes the following adjustments possible:

  • Placement position: placements can be shown on the cart page or product detail page
  • Placement design: you can modify the look and feel of the banner
  • Design theme: you can set a theme to override the default or customized content 

You can configure the position and design of the placements in Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Klarna > Klarna On-site messaging.

Retrieve the identifier for On-site messaging from the Klarna Merchant Portal, where you also can Allowlist your shop domain in the Klarna Merchant Portal, as documented here.

A screenshot of On-site messaging configuration in the Adobe Commerce Admin.

Enable On-site messaging in your Adobe Commerce Admin.

For more information about On-site messaging, refer to the product documentation.

You decide where to display messaging in your store. It can be shown only on the cart page, only on the product detail page, or on both pages.

Tip: If there’s an error, for example, with the API, on messaging won’t appear until the error is fixed.

Each store can look different and you can choose a design that best matches your store. For example, you can change the width and height of the messaging banner. 

The design is predefined on Klarna’s side and the information about it is returned through the API. No manual work is needed except choosing the design.

In Adobe Commerce, you can set a banner theme to override the default or customized content in the shop. For example, based on custom styling, the text font and color can be configured so that the banner fits the current shop theme.

You can customize the banners in the Klarna merchant portal or by editing the CSS code.