Klarna Docs - General settings

General settings

In the Adobe Commerce admin, there is a broad set of configuration possibilities to set up the shop; not all of these have an impact when using Klarna. Klarna is making use of the following key settings:

  • Catalog and cart price rule
  • Currency
  • Delivery methods
  • Klarna Product setup
  • Products
  • Shop URL
  • Taxes: Rules, zones, rates, and calculation configurations

With catalog and cart price rules customers can buy products at reduced prices. Those rules can be found in the admin at Marketing -> Promotions:

Since these actions are having an impact on the price of a product or even the shipping costs it also has an impact when creating an order with Klarna. Klarna is taking these rules into account and sending the adjusted prices through the API.

By setting up the currency the shop can be configured for different market needs. The setup for the currency can be found in the admin at Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Currency Setup:

When using Klarna it's important that the currency is set up correctly. Its value will be sent through the Klarna API. Configuring the wrong currency can result in failed API requests. This can be for example the case when the billing address of the customer is in Germany but the currency is the US Dollar. In this case, a mismatch error between the address and currency is thrown and the desired Klarna Product is not usable.

When a customer reaches the checkout the customer can choose the desired delivery method with which the products will be sent. The configuration for it can be found in the admin at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Delivery Methods:

Delivery methods can have a cost that impacts the total order value. Therefore it also has an impact when creating an order with Klarna. Klarna is taking these costs into account and sending the delivery costs through the API.

When using Klarna in the store it's not enough to just install the extension from the Adobe Commerce marketplace. A minimum set of configurations has to be done in the admin so that it's usable. This includes mainly the ones for the API. Apart from that, there are other settings to configure Klarna in the best way for the store. Klarna can be configured in the admin at
The Klarna configuration can be found in the admin at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Klarna:

To sell something in an online shop, products have to be configured. These can be set up in the admin at Catalog -> Products:

The configuration of the products is having an impact when creating an order Klarna. Klarna is sending the price, tax, name, and other things through the Klarna API. In this way, Klarna is making sure that the correct products are purchased and are also shown in the merchant portal (you can access it by clicking a button in the top right corner).

The configuration of the shop URL is important so that the correct URL is used on all pages of the store. When going in the admin to Stores -> Configuration -> Web the base URL can be setup:

Klarna is also using the base URL so that the respective Klarna Product is working in a perfect way. For example, the Klarna product KCO needs a secure base URL for the callbacks. Else this product is not working.

Tax settings are important to fulfill the tax rules of the respective country. There are 3 pages to configure them so that these are used for the customer. First, the tax zones and rates (in the admin at Stores -> Tax zones and rates) and the tax rules (see in the admin at Stores -> Tax rules) have to be configured. After that, the tax calculations have to be set up which can be found at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax:

All 3 settings have an impact when creating an order with Klarna. The calculation configuration especially has a significant impact since these decide how the taxes are applied and how the prices for the products, delivery, and so on are calculated. Klarna is taking these settings into account and sending the prices through the API.