Klarna Docs - Known Constraints

Known Constraints

The following incompatibilities have been debugged and have been determined to not be compatible with the app:

These either block the preview of the storefront page within the app or block the storefront functionality of the app.

The Discount on Cart Pro Shopify app updates klarna-placement data-purchase-amount based on items in the cart. When the items in the cart do not match the product page, the data-purchase-amount does not match the product price, causing On-site messaging price to be inaccurate. For additional debugging, you can get logging by adding the URL param "?docp-test-log".

This app relies on Shopify standard use of certain theme variables, such as the product and template variables.  If theme code overwrites these variables in a non-standard manner, the theme will not be compatible.

e.g. if a liquid file contains:

{%- assign product = null -%}
{%- assign template = template.name | handle -%}

GemPages does not generally offer a standard CSS element that can be used across product pages for this app to inject the klarna-placement, and thus themes built using GemPage may require manual coding, unless/until GemPages could support Shopify's Online store 2.0 app blocks.

As Klarna Payments (as a direct alternative payment integration) can only accept orders in the store’s base currency (which is a Shopify restriction for alternative payment methods per Known Issues), the on-site messaging is hidden when the selected currency does not match the store’s base currency when using standard currency switcher functionality.

No, currently, for active Ad Positions, the app displays on-site messaging for all products.  

Yes! As of 2022-Sep-29, the app can connect your store to your Klarna account automatically for Shopify Payments merchants using Klarna as a local payment method and Shopify merchants integration Klarna's alternative payment method integration. Currently the app only displays on-site messaging for the store's single store base currency, even though Klarna via Shopify Payments can support some additional currencies; in the future, the app will be updated to support additional currencies when applicable.

If your store's theme supports mini-cart as HTML, On-site messaging can work for mini-carts. To check if your theme supports this:

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add the placement
  2. Use the browser's Developer Tools to inspect the mini-cart HTML
  3. Right click the page, select 'View Page Source'
  4. Attempt to find the mini-cart HTML in the page source. If the mini-cart HTML is present in the page source, it is supported for on-site messaging placements.

For the On-site messaging app's Ad Position for mini-cart, select the 'Product' page type and use the CSS install method (Vintage option, not App Blocks) is required (unless your theme supports a mini-cart theme template for App Blocks); Drag and drop or Auto Picker install methods do not work as mini-cart pages can't be previewed. In order to use the CSS install method, you need to determine an appropriate CSS selector, which can be found using the browser Dev Tools. A unique selector on the page that is consistent for any variation of the page works best. Alternatively, you can add a custom CSS selector to the page.

The on-site messaging app admin does now work on the Safari browser within the Shopify store admin.

Device manufacturers do not provide infinite support and operating system upgrades. After manufacturers stop providing operating system upgrades, it is not supported to keep the web browsers on that device up to date, thus the web browser stays on an old version.

While we make every effort to support as many browsers and platforms as possible, these outdated browsers are not possible to support without providing a worse experience for recent browsers and other users.

If the On-Site Messaging app does not work on your device, ensure you have upgraded the operating system to the latest version. If the On-Site Messaging app still does not work, then your device may not be supported for modern web browser features.

App block support is available now within the app, but Vintage option is still available for any theme. More info about Shopify's Online Store 2.0 at https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/themes/managing-themes/versions

No, currently the app only supports connecting a store with a single Klarna merchant id (under the Settings tab within the app). While some Klarna Shopify integrations (e.g. Global-e) can support multiple Klarna MIDs, this On-site messaging app does not yet support multiple MIDs. Stores can use Klarna On-site messaging with a manual integration instead.