Klarna Docs - Known Constraints

Known Constraints

Known incompatibilities

The following incompatibilities have been debugged and have been determined to not be compatible with the app:

These either block the preview of the storefront page within the app or block the storefront functionality of the app.

Theme incompatibilities

This app relies on Shopify standard use of certain theme variables, such as the product and template variables.  If theme code overwrites these variables in a non-standard manner, the theme will not be compatible, which has been encountered with the Shella theme by MPIThemes, although this incompatibility is in progress to hopefully become compatible soon.

e.g. if a liquid file contains:

{%- assign product = null -%}
{%- assign template = template.name | handle -%}

Known limitations

Does the app support multi-currency?

As Klarna Payments can only accept orders in the store’s base currency (which is a Shopify restriction for alternative payment methods per Known Issues), the on-site messaging is hidden when the selected currency does not match the store’s base currency when using standard currency switcher functionality.

Does the app support multiple languages/locales in one store?

This app currently supports selecting a single locale for each Ad Position.   Each Ad Position is always and only displayed in the selected language.  Coming soon, the app will support geolocation, in combination with the Shopify storefront locale if chosen, for each Ad Position.

Until geolocation is supported, one option is to use multiple Ad Positions (one for each desired language) displayed simultaneously on a page, but each ad position must attach a unique CSS element, as the app prohibits multiple Ad Positions for the same CSS element.  

Can I exclude certain products for On-site messaging?

Currently, for active Ad Positions, the app displays on-site messaging for all in-stock products.  

Can I use this app for a store using Klarna Payments within Shopify Payments?

Currently merchants integrated with Klarna as a local payment method within Shopify Payments do not have access to the Klarna Merchant Portal and access to their Klarna API credentials, which are currently required for Klarna On-site messaging, but this is on our roadmap to support in the future hopefully.   This app supports stores with Klarna Payments integrated as an Alternative Payment Provider (under Shopify admin -> Settings -> Payment providers -> Alternative payments).

Any Klarna merchant can use static Klarna marketing images are available at "Marketing Assets" at docs.klarna.com

Does the app support mini-carts/pop-out carts?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Does the app configuration work on iPads (Safari)?

The on-site messaging works on the storefront for these browsers, but the app configuration does not currently work on iPads (Safari) within the Shopify store admin. We recommend Chrome for the app configuration setup within the Shopify store admin.  We will review to see if this could be supported in the future.