Klarna Docs - Klarna Express Button

Klarna Express Button

The Klarna Express button provides shoppers a fast and convenient way to buy with Klarna. Find more information about Express Button here.

To enable Express Button navigate to Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Methods ⇒ Klarna ⇒ Klarna Express Button:

Here you can enable/disable or change the design of the Button. More about Button customisation see here.

When customers click on Express Button and successfully sign in, they will be redirected to checkout with:

  • pre-filled customer and address data
  • default shipping method (first available by sort order set in Admin Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Delivery Methods)
  • Klarna as a preselected payment method

Klarna Express Button is available in the following countries.

The checkout experience is designed and optimised for Klarna Payments integration flow.

Note: Complete the pre-requisites before enabling Express Button on your store, including Allowlisting production merchant ids.