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Express button

Express button gives your customers a quicker checkout experience
by prefilling their personal details. Your customers will get a secure and
convenient way to shop, even if it’s their first time visiting your website.

Our solution easily integrates into your cart and product pages,

directly or via your preferred platforms.

Express button
3 clicks to purchase
Add a quick-pay button to your cart or product page and let customers check out in a flash.
Light integration
Get Express button up and running on your website in no time.
Prefilled forms
Offer the returning shopping experience customers expect.
An effortless way to increase conversion.
Simplify the checkout experience and give your customers a fast and convenient way to shop with Klarna.
customers enjoy a returning shopping experience.
uplift in Klarna conversion rate.
Before you start
Everything you need to know before integrating Express button into your website.
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Get Express button on your website in just 3 easy steps.
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Integration best practices
Follow our guides to maximize the performance of your integration.
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Adjust the design of Express button to match the look and feel of your website.
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JavaScript library
Leverage Express button functionalities.
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On-site messaging
Combine our quick and secure checkout option with dynamic messaging for a convenient shopping experience.
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What our merchants say.

“Being able to deploy Klarna across digital and physical checkouts internationally from a single platform was a big plus. Our global team was able to launch Klarna simultaneously in the US, UK, and Europe with minimal effort. [...] The express checkout program was especially collaborative and easy to implement.”

PANDORA, Jennifer Glass, Director of Digital Marketing

See it in action.