Klarna Docs - Before you start

Before you start

Express button solution has been deprecated. This content should be used for maintenance purposes only.

To implement or migrate to our new Express Checkout experience for Klarna payments, you can learn about our new solution Klarna Express Checkout

Unlock a fast and secure checkout experience for 150 million customers, reducing cart abandonment, improving your sales, and delighting customers.

Express button gives your customers a quicker checkout experience by prefilling their personal details. Your customers will get a secure and convenient way to shop, even if it’s their first time visiting your website.
Our solution easily integrates into your cart and product pages, directly or via your preferred platforms.

Quick, easy, and secure checkout

Save your customers the effort of entering personal details every time they check out. The customer's info is prefilled from their Klarna account and handled securely, even if they have never shopped in your store before.

With Express button, your customers check out in just three steps:

  1. Click the checkout button and log into their Klarna account. 
  2. Review the prefilled shipping and billing details.
  3. Confirm the purchase.

See how the express checkout compares with the standard checkout process.

Grow your customer base

With Express button, you reach the 150-million-strong network of existing Klarna customers. Grow your customer base by treating Klarna customers like returning customers and letting them check out with a brand they know and trust.

Boost your sales

The quick checkout process increases your conversion rates. Customers are less likely to abandon the cart, improving sales and average order value.

Easy to integrate

Express button is easy to integrate into your website or mobile app, whether you’re integrating directly or using a third-party solution.

Available wherever you are

Express button is available in most Klarna markets and we’re constantly expanding the list of supported countries.

Control the look and feel

Express button is customizable, so you can adjust its appearance to fit your site.

To integrate Express button, you have to be using Klarna payments in your store, either through direct integration, a payment services provider (PSP), or a third-party platform.

Allowlisting (also known as whitelisting) is only required in live (production) environments.

  • For all integration types, your merchant ID (MID) has to be added to the allowlist.
  • For all integration types, your website’s domain has to be added to the allowlist.
  • To integrate Express button into your mobile application, apart from allowlisting the domain, you have to add the app’s identifiers to the allowlist.
    ◦ For Android apps, add the application ID to the allowlist.
    ◦ For iOS apps, add the bundle ID to the allowlist.

To get any of the identifiers allowlisted, contact your Klarna delivery manager.

The browser address bar showing an example of an allowlisted domain https://www.klarna.com.

The allowlisted domain has to start with https://, for example, https://www.klarna.com.