Klarna Docs - Shipping Assistant

Klarna Shipping Assistance extension is an addition to the Klarna product Klarna Checkout. The Klarna Shipping Assistance provides all features which are available for Klarna Checkout and adds an improved customer delivery experience by using TMS (logistic partners). For more information about Klarna Shipping Assistance see here. The main features of Klarna Shipping Assistance in the extension are:

  • Usage of the configured shop (fallback) delivery methods for specific scenarios
  • Increased performance checkout experience compared to pure the Klarna Checkout solution
  • TMS independent solution

In most cases, customers will see the delivery methods which were configured on the TMS. In special situations for example there is a problem with the TMS or the customer is not allowed to select the delivery methods returned from the TMS because of the products in the cart the fallback happens. In this case, the delivery methods configured in the shop are used. In this way, customers will always get the option to select a shipping method.

Klarna Shipping Assistance has a much better performance compared to Klarna Checkout. This performance improvement is experienced on the checkout page when interacting with the delivery methods. There is a much shorter loader time. Based on it the customer can purchase the products much faster.

The extension is built in a way that it does not care about which TMS is used. Therefore the used TMS can be switched whenever needed. Moreover, its configuration can be adjusted at any time. As long as the configuration fulfills the Klarna conditions it works without problems for the Magento extension.