Klarna Docs - What is Order management

What is Order management

Read this article for an introduction to Order management, its main features, and its place in the Klarna solution family.

Order management is a solution that lets you effortlessly handle all your orders. Within this single solution, you have control of different operations with the orders created when your customers pay with Klarna.

This solution is mandatory to complete the purchase journey when you integrate our products and services, such as Klarna payments, Klarna checkout, or In-store. You require Order management to execute tasks before, during, and after fulfilling the orders.

You can perform basic tasks mandatory to handle orders and additional tasks to ensure a smooth customer experience and adequate support. Some basic tasks are capturing, refunding, canceling, and updating orders. To facilitate your customer's post-purchase experience, you can add shipping information to see details of the delivery status. As adequate support, you can send communications to your customer.

You can handle order operations through two main touchpoints: Order management API and Merchant portal. Order management is also available if your online store uses a platform solution. Depending on your business, you can select the touchpoint that fits your needs.

If you need to handle hundreds of Klarna orders per day and you want to manage them from your existing e-commerce platform, then you can do it through the Order management API.

If you handle a few orders manually every day or if your online store is on an e-commerce system that doesn't support integrating external APIs, then the Merchant portal is the right choice. 

You can also use Order management if your website runs on a third-party platform such as Shopify or PrestaShop.

For more information about the integration options, see the Integrate with Order management section.