Klarna Docs - Manage orders in the Merchant portal

Manage orders in the Merchant portal

Here you'll find an overview of the main actions related to orders that you can perform in the Merchant portal.

The Merchant portal is your one-stop shop to manage everything with Klarna: from daily operations to growing your store. It’s your all-in-one business assistant, helpful for simplifying your business management, acquiring new customers, and facilitating your commercial growth.

The Merchant portal is one of the touchpoints we offer to help you handle your order operations. With this tool, you can perform mandatory tasks to complete the purchase journey when integrating our products. But that's not all; the Merchant portal also offers a range of services and additional order tasks to ensure a seamless customer experience.

If you want to learn about Merchant portal access and credentials, see How do I log into the Merchant portal.

For more information about other ways to handle your orders, see the Touchpoints section.

In this section, you can find an overview of the main order actions you can perform in the Merchant portal:

Besides, we include a list of additional actions you can perform to offer the best customer post-purchase experience and adequate support.

You'll find images illustrating the different actions. These images include records not from real data but from testing data.

This documentation covers high-level descriptions of the order actions. If you're looking for step-by-step guides to perform these actions, visit the Help section in the Merchant portal.