Klarna Docs - Before you start

Before you start

Ready to make the most of Order management? Here's what you need to know before integrating this solution.

Depending on how you’re integrating, you might need some of the resources listed below to leverage Order management.

If you're integrating through the API:

API credentials

Ensure you already have credentials to use the Order management API. The Klarna payments and Klarna checkout credentials also work for Order management.

API reference

See the Order management API reference to learn about the available endpoints, sample requests, and sample responses.

If you're integrating through the Merchant portal:

Merchant portal production (live environment)

Manage all the Klarna products you’re using in your store. The Merchant portal lets you perform Order management actions through a user interface.

Merchant portal playground (test environment)

Before going live with the solution, try managing test orders in the Merchant portal's playground environment.

Merchant portal credentials

For both playground and production environments, you require an account to access and start using the Merchant portal. Make sure to select the right environment you want to access.