Klarna Docs - Flagging captures not eligible for return.

Flagging captures not eligible for return.

Informing Klarna that a capture contains goods not eligible for a return.

If you are a partner that is offering goods to consumers that are not eligible to be returned - like digital or customised goods, or if you are operating a C2C (consumer to consumer) marketplace - private persons selling to private persons, where buyers do not have a guaranteed right to return, Klarna offers a flag in the capture request that allows you to allow us know about this limitation so we can limit the number of unnecessary errands by suppressing consumer controlled port-purchase functionality and better informing our customer service agents. The flag `return_ineligible` is set on the root level of the capture request.

In the case of a purchase containing both goods that are eligible to be returned and goods not eligible to be returned, the goods not eligible for return should be captured separately.

If you offer goods that are not eligible for return, please reach out to your Klarna representative, so this flag can be enabled on your account.

return_ineligiblestringThe reason the goods are ineligible for return. Allowed values: CUSTOM_GOODS, C2C_TRANSACTION, HYGENIC_GOODS, TICKETS, BOOKING, DIGITAL_CONTENT, OTHER

This flag has no impact on the actual ability of a partner to perform a cancellation or refund on an order via our order management API or merchant portal.  This ability is still at the discretion of the merchant/partner.

  "captured_amount": 6000,
  "description": "Shipped the full order",
  "return_ineligible": "C2C_TRANSACTION",
  "order_lines": [
      "type": "physical",
      "reference": "123050",
      "name": "Tomatoes",
      "quantity": 10,