Klarna Docs - Advertising legal guidelines

Advertising legal guidelines

As a Klarna partner, it's crucial to understand and adhere to the legal guidelines for promoting our flexible payment options.

These guidelines, which encompass regional laws for advertising financial products, are vital for any co-marketing activities or standalone promotions of Klarna. Remember, it's your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these laws and ensure your marketing communications comply with them, as well as with your Klarna merchant agreement and other guidelines. These guidelines are not exhaustive, and all general advertising regulations must also be observed. Please seek legal advice to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Data protection and data sharing aspects
  • T&C information

Ensure that your terms and conditions reflect your cooperation with Klarna, and that you comply with applicable laws. Here you will find our German terms and conditions. 

Please note that in order to comply with applicable laws, such as the GDPR and the e-Privacy Directive, you may not use customer data provided through the Klarna integration before an order has been placed.

National and EU rules such as the GDPR sets certain limits to how and when you may share customer identifying information with Klarna. If you share personal data with Klarna you need to explain this in your privacy notice and link to Klarna’s privacy notice there. Below, an example of how it could look like in your existing privacy notice.

"Um Ihnen die Zahlungsmethoden von Klarna anbieten zu können, können wir am Checkout Ihre personenbezogenen Daten in Form von Kontakt- und Bestelldaten an Klarna übermitteln, damit Klarna beurteilen kann, ob Sie für die Zahlungsmethoden von Klarna in Frage kommen und diese Zahlungsmethoden für Sie anpassen kann. Ihre übermittelten personenbezogenen Daten werden gemäß der Datenschutzerklärung von Klarna verarbeitet."