Klarna Docs - Rest of world

Keep it simple.
Don’t lose a customer because the payment instructions were too complicated, but do make it clear what you are offering.

Stand out for the right reason.
Highlight the payment option you offer, but be sure to be clear, fair and not misleading.

Be sensitive to the situation.
Consider what is going with your customers and in the wider market as a whole. Use this knowledge to decide how you promote and market Klarna in all your channels. One message does not fit all circumstances.

Don't encourage debt.
Do not encourage shoppers to spend outside of their means. Using phrases such as ‘strapped for cash?’, ‘don’t wait until payday’ or ‘broke AF’ are unacceptable and irresponsible. You have an obligation to ensure your customers stay financially healthy.

Make sure your ads are socially responsible to consumers and society.
Offers or benefits should not be linked to credit marketing which are likely to make the credit offer attractive.

MarketT&CPre-approved messaging
Austriahttps://www.klarna.com/at/agb/Find here
Belgiumhttps://www.klarna.com/be/voorwaarden/Find here
Czech Republichttps://www.klarna.com/cz/obchodni-podminky/Find here
Denmarkhttps://www.klarna.com/dk/vilkar/Find here
Finlandhttps://www.klarna.com/fi/ehdot/Find here
Francehttps://www.klarna.com/fr/legal/Find here
Germanyhttps://www.klarna.com/de/agb/Find here
Greecehttps://www.klarna.com/gr/oroi-kai-proypotheseis/Find here
Hungaryhttps://www.klarna.com/hu/jogi-informaciok/Find here
Italyhttps://www.klarna.com/it/legal/Find here
Mexicohttps://www.klarna.com/mx/terminos-y-condiciones/Find here
Netherlandshttps://www.klarna.com/nl/voorwaarden/Find here
Norwayhttps://www.klarna.com/no/vilkar/Find here
Polandhttps://www.klarna.com/pl/zasady-i-warunki/Find here
Portugalhttps://www.klarna.com/pt/termos-e-condicoes/Find here
Romaniahttps://www.klarna.com/ro/aspecte-juridice/Find here
Swedenhttps://www.klarna.com/se/villkor/Find here
Switzerlandhttps://www.klarna.com/en-ch/terms-of-use/Find here