Klarna Docs - Extra merchant data

Extra merchant data

In some cases, Klarna requires additional information regarding the customer and the purchase in order to make a correct risk assessment. Here you will learn what information Klarna requires, and how you can send it to Klarna.

  • Airline/bus/train/ferry/hotel/car rental tickets - when creating an order to sell travel tickets, information about the passengers and itinerary to be booked should be provided to Klarna.
  • Event sales merchant - when creating an order for selling a ticket to an event, information about the event should be provided to Klarna.
  • Recurring orders - when creating an order for subscriptions or recurring payments, subscription and customer account information should be provided to Klarna.
  • Marketplace orders - when creating an order for selling through a marketplace, information on the seller should be provided to Klarna.
  • Other - depends on the risk evaluation during the merchant onboarding process, Klarna might request additional information to be provided through the extra merchant data attachment.

Note: Find out more about the different data fields by checking the attachments specification.

Add the relevant data, based on the specification and your product vertical. To know which product vertical is right for you, please contact your Klarna account manager or Klarna’s merchant support.

You would need to include the extra merchant data under the attachment property and add it to the order as you learned in the Create order or the Update order call.

The example below relates to recurring orders, which requires the subscription and customer_account_info details.

  "attachment": {
  	"content_type": "application/vnd.klarna.internal.emd-v2+json",
    "body": "{\"subscription\":[{\"subscription_name\":\"Contact_lenses\",\"start_time\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\",\"end_time\":\"2021-11-24T15:00\",\"auto_renewal_of_subscription\":false}],\"customer_account_info\":[{\"unique_account_identifier\":\"Adam_Adamsson\",\"account_registration_date\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\",\"account_last_modified\":\"2020-11-24T15:00\"}]}"