Klarna Docs - Recurring/Tokenization


KCO Recurring reduces the effort for customers who want to start a subscription of any kind online. The functionality will enable you as a merchant to sell subscriptions and other recurring purchases through Klarna Checkout. It is as easy to set the subscription up as completing any purchase with Klarna Checkout. The function is based on a unique token that is created with the first purchase. This token which represents the customer and their purchase are then used to initiate an additional purchase using Klarna Payments.

This feature needs to be enabled in your Klarna account in order to work. To set it up, please reach out to Klarna merchant support

In the create order API call, add the field recurring and the optional recurring_description fields. See example:

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Basic a2xhcm5hOnVuaWNvcm5z
Content-Type: application/json

  "recurring": true,
  "recurring_description": "12 month subscription"     // optional field

If recurring is 'true', no financing payment methods will be available in the checkout.

Consumer completes the purchase

After the consumer has completed a purchase, the Checkout order will have a recurring_token property see API that contains a token which the merchant will use to create the following recurring orders. This token must be stored for later use and it is up to the merchant to store and create orders with the token. The token can only be used by the merchant ID that created it

Creating the recurring order

To be able to use the stored token you need to use the Klarna Payments API.

Read up about the Klarna Customer token lifecycle, then learn how to place order from Klarna customer token, as well as how to read Klarna customer token.

More documentation about reading tokens and checking their status can be found here.

Fallback for recurring order

In case the payment method registered on the token cannot be captured (403), and the response is PAYMENT_METHOD_FAILED, we recommend trying again in different times. If that does not work, we suggest sending a notice for the customers that they need to create a new subscription or add funds to their payment method if they wish to continue.

For DIRECT_DEBIT payment method that cannot be captured, Klarna will fallback to invoice and reply as if it’s a successful capture.