Klarna Docs - Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

The Mobile SDK is the best and only official way to integrate Klarna's products into your mobile app. 

We offer a seamless and straightforward way to 

  • Render individual payment methods through Klarna Payments
  • Present a fully-featured checkout through Klarna Checkout.
  • Give your customers a running start into the purchasing flow with On-site Messaging 
  • and so much more!

All in a single package.

Mobile SDK
Easy integration
We offer simple, native APIs that match our web integration. Adding Klarna's products to your app has never been easier.
Meeting your needs
Today's mobile landscape is more varied than ever before. We also understand that every merchant has different technical & design requirements. We always aim to meet you where you stand.
Stellar support
We're constantly updating our SDKs with new features, improvements and input. Suggestions? Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!
Standalone Payments Integration
Add views with Klarna content to your app with native API.
Hybrid Integration
Enhance your web view presenting Klarna content.
On-site Messaging
Deliver a tailor made purchase experience to the end user.
Klarna Checkout
Integrate Klarna Checkout in your App.
Get Started on Android
The SDK is available as a Maven/Gradle dependency from our Maven repository.
Get Started on iOS
The SDK is available on Swift Package Manager, Cocoapods and Carthage.
Updating the SDK
For the most stable integration we ask integrators to update their SDK version to the latest available on platforms every 3 months. This ensures that majority of users get the latest features and also the fixes implemented by Klarna in your app. Follow "Get Started" documentation for each platform to see how it's done.