Klarna Docs - Approved messaging

Approved messaging

Choose any of the following approved messaging to include in your marketing touchpoints activities.

Make it authentic! Adjust the messaging to fit your brand. Keep your unique tone and style when speaking to your followers, but stick to our approved messaging to avoid misinterpretation of terms.

Shop now. Pay over time with Klarna.Compra agora. Paga mais tarde com a Klarna.
Get more time to pay with Klarna.Tem mais tempo para pagar com a Klarna.
Shop Now. Pay with Klarna.Compra agora. Paga com a Klarna.
Pay smarter with Klarna.Paga de forma inteligente com a Klarna.

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Shop now. Pay in 3 with Klarna.
  • Compra agora. Paga em 3 vezes com a Klarna.
Split your purchase into 3 interest-free payments with Klarna.Divide as tuas compras em 3 pagamentos sem juros com a Klarna.

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