Klarna Docs - Pay Later in 30 days banners

Pay Later in 30 days banners

Implement banners in your online shop, CRM activities, or shopping app to inform customers about the 'Pay Later in 30 Days' option available with Klarna on your site. Showcasing payment options and their benefits early in the shopping journey can effectively boost sales and positively impact the average order volume.

Increase the impact of banners focusing on Klarna benefits by pairing them with our on-site messaging tool. This combination is a great way to amplify awareness about flexible payment options right at checkout. It's all about giving your customers the information they need, when they need it!

Choose from the pre-made Klarna banners based on the benefit you wish to highlight, and incorporate them into your website, app or CRM. Download the full pack and select the size that works within your banner format. Alternatively, you can utilize the provided options to resize them according to your requirements.

Pay Later Banner Pack for Germany.zip
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