Klarna Docs - Paid media

Paid media

Integrate Klarna messaging into your paid ads to elevate audience awareness and drive usage.

  • Increase your brand visibility with Klarna co-branding.
  • Incorporate Klarna’s approved messaging into your paid media campaigns.
  • Showcase your latest, especially high-value, products.
  • Infuse Klarna approved messaging into creative assets for key commercial moments.
  • Incorporate Klarna messaging into both evergreen (e.g., outerwear) and seasonal (e.g., Black Friday) campaigns.
  • Ensure your account(s) are whitelisted for Klarna by emailing your CID and webpage URL to paid.app.acquisition@klarna.com.
  • Do not bid on Klarna brand search terms such as “Klarna”, “Klarna Shopping” or any other synonyms related to Klarna's brand. Please add these as negative phrases in your whitelisted account(s).