Klarna Docs - Best practices

Best practices

Here are some consolidated best practice guidelines for using Klarna branding effectively:

  • Use approved messaging: Utilize Klarna-approved messaging to avoid misinterpretation of products and terms.
  • Promote responsible spending: Do not encourage shoppers to spend beyond their means or use phrases that imply financial difficulties, e.g. "Shop now, pay later".
  • Keep it clear and informative: Ensure your messaging is short, simple, and informative. Prioritize clarity for customers during the checkout process.
  • Utilize pre-made assets (see “Pre-made website assets”): Whenever suitable, use our approved downloadable banners.
  • Maintain your brand identity: When creating your own design assets, make sure to clearly establish your brand as the sender by using your own visual identity, imagery, font, and brand elements.
  • Avoid exaggeration: Refrain from embellishing or providing personal opinions about finance products and avoid using phrases that may be perceived as giving financial advice.
  • Be sensitive and contextual: Consider customer circumstances and wider market conditions when promoting Klarna across all channels.

These guidelines will help you effectively promote Klarna while maintaining responsible advertising practices.