Klarna Docs - Influencer promotion rules

Influencer promotion rules

If you use social media influencers, bloggers, or other third parties to advertise Klarna and your business, there is more you need to know!

When social media influencers, bloggers, or other individuals receive any type of payment to endorse or otherwise mention a product (called an “endorsement”), they are required to disclose the existence of the relationship on the post where the endorsement was made. The commercial relationship must be made clear and clearly labeled or identifiable as paid-for content. The relevant labels/ terms will vary depending on the type of relationship with the influencer, it is imperative to follow the Klarna marketing guideline and toolkit (links below). 

For clarity, we’ve included a brief summary of the Klarna approved terms below. Please note they should always be CAPITALISED and prominent. Positioning of the term varies depending on media platform and format, all details are available in the Influencer marketing whitepaper. See the below link for more information. 

For further resources and information see below:

  • Access the Influencer marketing whitepaper here
  • Access Influencer Council site here
  • Download Klarna's complete Influencer Council asset tool kit below
Klarna's UK Influencer Council Toolkit.zip
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The FCA guidance on the appropriate use of social media for BNPL Product promotions is located here for more information.