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In-App SDK

In-App SDK is a must-have when using Klarna products(Klarna Payments, Klarna Checkout, OSM, etc.) in mobile applications. This is mainly due to the limitations of the web views in both iOS and Android. The SDK enables Klarna components to overcome those issues with a link between web and native environments.

Some examples of common and critical issues when Klarna products are used in mobile apps without the SDK would be, including, but not limited to:

• Some bank flows are stuck during the flow or just can not be loaded at all.

• Cookies in web views are handled differently compared to normal browsers and this causes additional friction during checkout.

• Navigation to third-party applications for authorization and authentication are not handled.

These are only some of the most common ones, as we also noticed there are more problems from integrations without the SDK and they are not limited to certain regions or payment methods hence integrating the SDK is absolutely necessary for mobile integrations.

With Klarna’s In-App SDK, you can provide your customers the smoothest checkout experience in your app, regardless of how it’s built.

The In-App SDK allows merchants to natively integrate Klarna’s products into their apps. This means that you can add services like Klarna Payments to your app and let your customers pay with our payment methods.

In-App SDK
Native Integration
Add views with Klarna content to your native app.
Hybrid Integration
Enhance your web view presenting Klarna content.
Onsite Messaging
Deliver a tailor made purchase experience to the end user.
Checkout SDK
Integrate Klarna Checkout in your App.