Klarna Docs - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions related to the Klarna integration with Wix.

  • Failure within the Klarna Hosted Payment Page (HPP) will result in prompting the consumer to try another payment option. 
  • Failure between Klarna and Wix from a technical point will result in an error message on top of the Wix checkout widget.
  • Yes, Wix users receive full admin access to the Klarna Merchant portal.
  • Yes, customers will receive a payment confirmation email from Klarna, this will include payment instructions.
  • Wix users cannot turn that off.
  • No, it will be localized. If there are issues, the fallback language will be English.
  • Approval of customer orders depends on the location and currency offering of the Wix site. For example, for a Klarna merchant account created with EUR currency, an order with a US customer billing address will not be accepted by Klarna. This customer should instead select another payment method.
  • No, Wix does not currently support multi-currency. The online stores can accept only one currency.
  • Klarna will only accept orders from customers whose billing country matches the store's single currency.
  • No, not all Klarna payment methods are available out of the box. This is region or country specific.
  • Klarna merchant support can assist with determining which products are available in each location for Wix users (e.g. the UK requires an actual lending license to offer financing).
  • All Wix transactions are auto-captured (immediately after the order is placed). Thus, the payout delay set by Klarna for Wix merchants is 11 days.
  • Based on your Klarna contract, Klarna charges merchant fees for captured orders. Since orders are automatically captured, Klarna fees will apply for each order, even if the order is canceled in the Wix admin without being fulfilled.
  • All Wix orders are currently auto-captured immediately after the order is placed, not when the Wix order is fulfilled.
  • Thus, customers start their payment(s) to Klarna when the order is placed and captured, not when the Wix order is shipped or fulfilled.
  • Auto-capture also impacts the defaulted payout delay for Wix merchants.
  • Specific to the direct bank transfer payment method available in European regions, there is currently a known issue where if the customer closes their browser window after authenticating with their bank but before fully completing the Klarna payment, the order can be created in Klarna, but not in Wix.
  • We are monitoring data to manually fix these orders, which will continue until a fix is in place.
  • For merchants with previously impacted orders, please open a Wix support request for the Wix support team to manually approve the affected transactions.