Klarna Docs - How to install On-site messaging on Wix

How to install On-site messaging on Wix

This article provides a step-by-step guide on installing Klarna On-site messaging in your Wix store.

With On-site messaging, you can let your customers know about the available payment options as they browse your online store, even before they decide to buy.

You can include Klarna-branded tailored messaging throughout the purchase journey of your online store.

To install Klarna On-site messaging, you have to manually add Javascript code for Klarna On-site messaging to any page of the website except your product page, which has its own Wix built-in messaging.

Head to our marketing guidelines page to get more information on including Klarna messaging throughout your customer journey.

Besides Klarna On-site messaging, Wix has built-in functionality called Price breakdown widget for installment payment options.

This is a semi-static message box on the product page. The widget currently supports only some payment methods.

This widget is live and is automatically added to Wix stores if the region includes the supported payment method. With this solution, there is no action needed from your end. 

The built-in widget doesn’t support all languages. If the language is not supported, the widget is displayed by default in English.

Currently, there’s no available feature to configure the widget in the Wix store admin.

For detailed Wix documentation, see here.

In summary:

  • You can manually add Klarna On-site messaging (via JavaScript code) to inform customers about payment options in your online store.
  • Wix offers built-in messaging for installment payment options, automatically added to specific regions.