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FAQ - Klarna Prestaworks Plug-ins


What are PrestaShop Plug-ins?

PrestaShop eCommerce platform merchants that onboard via Klarna.com had the option to use Klarna Plug-in solutions to integrate and go-live with Klarna on their web-store checkout. The solutions were available for Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout. They included support for Onsite messaging and Order Management functionalities.

The Plug-ins were available for download via the Klarna seller account on addons.PrestaShop.com in all relevant Klarna markets. The latest releases are:

Klarna Payments : 2.2.3

Klarna Checkout : 2.2.28

What is the change to the Plug-ins listing?

Starting January 1st 2023, the above solutions will no longer be distributed by Klarna for newly onboarded merchants on PrestaShop. 

Partner recently onboarded and interested in a Plug-ins solution for Prestashop, can purchase compatible add-on solutions, e.g.: Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout from Prestaworks AB.

How can an existing (transacting) merchant receive technical support ?

Partners who have a technical issue with their Plug-ins on the live environment and need support, will be required to reach Prestaworks AB directly at the below listings. Partners would be required to purchase and re-install the Prestaworks AB owned plug-ins, if they wish to receive technical support for Plug-ins.

Klarna Checkout : Addons listing KCO

Klarna Payments : Addons listing KP

Note: Partners may remain on their current Klarna Payment or Klarna Checkout version if they face no technical issues