Klarna Docs - Update customer address

Update customer address

Use the Klarna order management API to update your customer's shipping address.

When your customer wants to change their shipping address, you have to send an API request to change the address associated with that order.

After you update this information, the customer undergoes another credit check.

You can’t update the billing address anymore due to changes in our risk assessment.

To update the customer's shipping address, send the updated addresses in a PATCH request to the {apiUrl}/ordermanagement/v1/orders/{order_id}/customer-details. The order_id is the identifier you get in a successful response when placing a new order.

To clear a field, set its value to “” (empty string). However, you can't clear mandatory fields.  Refer to the Order management API reference to learn which fields are mandatory.

  "shipping_address": {
    "street_address": "123 Fake St",
    "postal_code": "12345",
    "city": "New York",
    "region": "NY",
    "country": "US"

Sample request to update the customer's shipping address.

If the request is successful, the order is updated, and you'll receive a 204 No content response.

Error response

If your request contains errors, you'll receive an error response. It can be due to our risk assessment.

Also, make sure the order_id is correct. You can use the correlation_id and the order_id values to troubleshoot the call in the Merchant portal Logs section.

  "error_code": "NOT_ALLOWED",
  "error_messages": [
    "Billing address cannot be updated for user account order. Customer details cannot be updated."
  "correlation_id": "b1fbf280-ea6e-4aee-a6ea-58b4b458ef47"

Sample of an error response to update customer address.

Ready to send this request? See the API reference of this call.