Klarna Docs - Send customer communications

Send customer communications

Use the Order management API to trigger a new send out of customer communication.

When you want to inform your customers about changes in their orders, use this API call to trigger an email to the customer with the latest details. This is also useful when your customer didn't receive the payment instructions or invoice as expected, and you want to send the information.

To trigger the send out of customer communications, send a POST request to the {apiUrl}/ordermanagement/v1/orders/{order_id}/captures/{capture_id}/trigger-send-out endpoint.

Provide order_id and capture_id as path parameters. The order_id is the identifier you get in a successful response when placing a new order, and the capture_id is the identifier you get when successfully capturing an order.

You don't need a request body for this POST method.

If the request is successful, you'll receive a 204 No content response.

If your request contains errors, you'll receive an error response. Ensure the order_id and the capture_id values you provided are valid and correctly formatted.

  "error_code": "NO_SUCH_ORDER",
  "error_messages": [
    "Order 7849fd84-47dc-4919-a7ce-47b9f46156f cannot be found."
  "correlation_id": "f072554f-ef99-4b21-85da-633355aab998"

Sample of an error response to send customer communications.

You can use the correlation_id  and the order_id values to troubleshoot the call in the Merchant portal logs section.

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