Klarna Docs - Legal essentials

Legal essentials

We love it when our merchants talk about Klarna in their marketing, but we need to make sure your message is not only accurate, and neither misleading nor deceptive, but is also targeted to the right type of customer suited to Klarna’s products. Please use Klarna’s approved messaging when advertising Klarna to your customers.

  • Use approved messaging.
    Keep your unique tone and style when speaking to your followers, but stick to our approved messaging to avoid misinterpretation of terms. 
  • Keep it factual.
    Highlight the payment option you offer, but be sure to be clear, fair, and not misleading.
  • Be sensitive to the situation. 
    Consider what's going on with your customers and in the wider market as a whole. Use this knowledge to decide how you promote and market Klarna in all your channels. One message does not fit all circumstances.
  • Upstream too.
    Be sure to include Klarna throughout your site – before the shopper even gets to the checkout. Doing this will help to make it clear that Klarna is the lender. Use our on-site messaging tool to create your landing page so Klarna can keep the FAQs updated.
  • Make sure your ads are socially responsible to consumers and society.
    Avoid giving the impression that the product will help solve wider financial difficulties or concerns. 
  • Don't use icons only.
    Guide your customers through simple numbered steps instead, so they know exactly what to do next.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it.
    Prioritise clarity. Your customers will appreciate it on their way to the checkout. Make sure all descriptions of the products are clear and not misleading.
  • Don't encourage debt.
    Do not encourage shoppers to spend more than they can afford. Using phrases such as ‘strapped for cash?’, ‘don’t wait until payday’ or ‘broke AF’ are unacceptable and irresponsible.
  • Don't misrepresent the product you offer.
    Klarna is not available to everyone. Make this clear in your adverts. Make sure you always add 18+ and don't include Klarna in adverts which focus on an underage market. If there is a maximum credit limit or minimum spend remember to make these clear too.
  • Don’t exaggerate the benefits.
    Don’t embellish or provide personal opinions about finance products. Avoid using phrases such as “the better way to pay” or “the best way to pay” that may be perceived as giving financial advice.