Klarna Docs - Cart page

Let your customers know that Klarna payment methods are available before they reach the checkout with payment messaging and give them a faster way to shop with Express button.

Payment messaging. The amount shown is dynamic and will update based on cart total after taxes and any promotions.

Express button. Give new customers a faster way to shop by pre-filling their personal details.

This section only applies to:
  • Over 3x faster than the standard checkout
  • 19% increase in Klarna volume
  • 53% of Klarna shoppers prefer this checkout experience

It's easy to integrate Express button. You can find more information here.

Boost confidence and reduce the number of shoppers leaving their basket by showing our flexible payment options before the checkout. The messaging is customized to show the most relevant payment method based on basket size.

  • 25% Increase in average order value
  • 18% lift in revenue per visitor
  • 40% Increase in Klarna share of checkout

The On-site messaging platform delivers messaging for the best-fit payment method depending on the basket size that the shopper is considering. Find out how it works here.

Payment messaging and Express button should be correctly placed on your page for best results. We'll show you what to do and what to not do.

Place the payment messaging widget, hosted by Klarna, close to the order total so that shoppers can see the full price of their order and the option to spread their cost with Klarna.

Place the Express button directly beneath your standard checkout button so that shoppers understand this is a faster way to checkout using Klarna.

Placing the Express button and payment messaging elsewhere on your cart page will decrease the likelihood that shoppers understand the value.

Don’t place the Express button away from your standard checkout option, or place the payment messaging widget far from the order total.

Never place the payment messaging away from the order total.

Wanna see how your store could look? Check out our demo store here.