Klarna Docs - Overview & Concepts

Overview & Concepts

The In-App SDK offers a broad selection of integration options (and more are coming up!). If you’re familiar with Klarna’s products, you can head directly to each platform’s getting started guide. If not, we’ve got a few guides below to introduce you to all our options and how they work.


Depending on how you build your app, you might prefer a native or hybrid integration.

This guide will explain what these mean so you can choose the most suitable approach for your app.

Read more about native and hybrid integrations here.

If you’re adding Klarna Payments natively to your app, this is the guide for you.

This guide gives you an overview of how Klarna Payments works and provides a step-by-step to understand what you can do with our SDK.

Get a step-by-step for Klarna Payments here.

Our SDK makes performing a hybrid integration as easy as possible.

This guide gives you a step-by-step so you can add Klarna to your web view-based app.

Read about performing a hybrid integration here.

To provide the best possible experience to your customers, your app will need to perform certain full-screen transitions.

Here we explain what this means and provide several approaches to make your users’ experiences as amazing as possible.

Read more about how fullscreen works here.

If you are using Klarna On-Site Messaging to let your user know which payment options are available with a tailored message, this guide is for you. This guide gives you an overview of how Klarna On-Site Messaging works and how you can integrate it into your native application.

Read more about Klarna On-Site Messaging native integration.