Klarna Docs - Checkout SDK

Checkout SDK

The Checkout SDK allows to integrate Klarna Checkout in native or hybrid iOS and Android applications. It’s aimed to make integration simple and provide the smoothest in-app purchase experience.

If you are using a native mobile application, the Klarna’s checkout will work best if you add it via one of our mobile SDKs. The purpose of our mobile SDK is to act as a wrapper around an existing Klarna-implementation, and help you with the communication of events from Klarna.

There are two options for how to integrate Klarna Checkout in your mobile app: a Native approach and a Hybrid approach:

Native Integration

In the Native approach, your mobile app presents the Klarna Checkout view using our mobile SDK. The mobile SDK requests the Klarna checkout HTML snippet from Klarna through your end point. Your back-end acts as a communication tunnel.

step-by-step integration guide:
iOS / Native
Android / Native

Hybrid Integration

In the Hybrid approach, your mobile app displays the Klarna checkout as a WebView. Your back-end acts as a web server, rendering the Klarna Checkout on a web page that you host, presented in the WebView in your mobile app.

step-by-step integration guide:
iOS / Hybrid
Android / Hybrid

Every Integration, Under One Library

We offer all our integrations under a single library for iOS and Android. This way, you only need to add a single artifact to your app to use any of Klarna’s offerings.

Minimum Requirements

The Checkout SDK supports iOS versions from 8.0 and upwards. To add the SDK to your project, you can use Cocoapods or add the SDK manually.On Android, the Checkout SDK supports Android versions 2.3 (API 14) and above. You can add the SDK as a Gradle dependency.