Klarna Docs - B2B shopping
This section only applies to:
  • B2b is 6x the total volume of the B2C market 
  • 113B in B2B volume during 2020 in the Nordics, twice the size of B2C
  • 1.2B SEK in Klarna B2B transactions in 2020

Share sufficient VAT information for each item through Klarnas API when creating the order, capturing the order, and making a return

 Ensure that Billing address and currency are in the same locale

Do not offer B2B for cross border sales

B2B shopping is available for Klarna Checkout v3 integrations.  You’ll need to have the B2B agreement with Klarna before implementing. 

Read more here: API and documentation. Tip, if you want your customers to receive VAT compliant B2B invoices, make sure you send sufficient item data and reach out to Klarnas support for onboarding. 

Wanna see how your store could look? Check out our demo store here.