Klarna Docs - KCO integration best practices overview

KCO integration best practices overview

Our website integration best practices is designed to help you get the most out of your partnership with Klarna. Follow the steps below to create an optimal Klarna integration on your website that can improve conversion rates, drive more traffic to your store, and provide a better shopping experience.

  • Increase your conversions
  • Increase average basket values
  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Save operational costs
  • Stay compliant with regional regulations

The world's biggest brands use Klarna to elevate their shopping experiences. Our promise is that every time a customer uses Klarna, they should feel ‘oh, that was smoooth’ (yes, with 3 o’s). Plus, we offer more ways to pay than any other provider. This means higher conversions and bigger basket values for you.

  • Customers add item(s) to their cart and head to the checkout.
  • They select their preferred way to pay in the checkout.
  • Customers can manage their purchase details in the Klarna app.

We'll guide you through the different components of our best practices - what to integrate, the business impact it brings, and how each feature is integrated - to maximize your business.