Klarna Docs - How to handle Disputes at Klarna

How to handle Disputes at Klarna

In this article, you will learn how Klarna handles & resolves disputes & returns.

Step 1

If a customer opens a dispute with us, we'll pause the invoice and encourage them to:

  • return the items in case of returns
  • reach out to you in case of other dispute reasons (goods not received, faulty goods, and others)

Step 2

Suppose you and your customer can't reach a solution on your own within a given period of time. Then we'll contact the customer and ask for further information. This will help us determine if a dispute is valid or if it should be rejected.

The time period for you and your customer to resolve the dispute before it's escalated (Resolution time)

Dispute reasonCalendar days
Goods not received21
Incorrect invoices21
Faulty goods21
Already paid14

Step 3

When the dispute gets escalated, our support teams will first evaluate the information your customer provided. If the dispute is valid, we'll get in touch with you via the Disputes App in Merchant Portal. We'll then share all relevant information and ask you for further information to help us resolve the dispute.

To give you an example, let's say the dispute gets escalated because your customer claims they haven't received goods from you. In this case, we'll ask you to send us the shipping information.

Step 4

After evaluating the information you provided, our support teams will make a decision. The dispute will then be resolved. If the dispute gets resolved in favour of your customer, you'll receive a chargeback. And if the dispute is resolved in your favour, the customer's invoice will be re-activated.