Klarna Docs - Get started with Klarna on Wix

Get started with Klarna on Wix

Read this article for an introduction to using Klarna in your Wix store.

Klarna and Wix have streamlined a frictionless checkout for your business, providing your customers with a smooth shopping experience.

Offer flexible payments via this seamless integration solution that increases customer purchasing power. As a result, this integration leads to higher average order value (AOV) and conversion rates.

You can connect Klarna to your Wix site in one of the following two ways:

The Klarna On-site messaging functionality is also available to show tailored messaging to your business website or mobile app.

You can enable On-site messaging in all pages apart from the product page. In the product page, Wix has its own built-in messaging. 

In summary:

  • Use Klarna on Wix to offer a smooth shopping experience and flexible payment options, boosting conversion rates.
  • Connect Klarna as a payment provider or Klarna’s payment method Pay Now (Sofort) through Stripe.
  • Add On-site messaging to inform your customers about available payment options.