Klarna Docs - Customize placements

Customize placements

This article outlines how you can customize the Klarna On-site messaging placements to better fit your store’s look and feel.

If you want to customize the the placements in your Shopify store, you can do it in one of the following ways:

Note that only the default light theme is customizable. If you use the dark theme, you won’t be able to see any customizations in the storefront.

Some customization options, that is, changes in padding and alignment, affect the placement itself and not the contents of the placement. These options are available in the Klarna On-site messaging Shopify app in Shopify admin. 

Customizations in the app and the Merchant portal impact the placement differently and you may need to apply the custom styling in both to see the desired result. Examples of such customization are the Merchant portal placement text alignment within the placement and the Ad Position alignment in the Klarna OSM Shopify app that affects the position of a placement on the page. Additionally, only selected Klarna placements support text alignment within the placement, and some themes may not honor the styling for placement alignment on the page.