Klarna Docs - Release order authorization

Release order authorization

Use the Order management API to release the authorization of an order.

When you have an order that isn't fully captured and you don't plan to perform more captures on it, you should cancel it by releasing the order's authorization.

With this action, your customers won't be debited for the remaining authorized order amount. If your customers paid by card, we'll refund the remaining amount to their account.

To release the authorization of an order, send a POST request to the {apiUrl}/ordermanagement/v1/orders/{order_id}/release-remaining-authorization endpoint.

Provide the order_id as path parameters. The order_id is the identifier you get in a successful response when placing a new order.

You don't need a request body for this POST method.

If the request is successful, you'll receive a 204 No content response.

If your request contains errors, you'll receive an error response. Make sure the order is not captured or canceled and the order_id is correct.

You can use the correlation_id and the order_id values to troubleshoot the call in the Merchant portal logs section.

  "error_code": "NOT_ALLOWED",
  "error_messages": [
    "Order is fully captured. Remaining authorization cannot be released."
  "correlation_id": "fefd0ea8-6899-41f9-93a7-ccd125c1af86"

Sample of an error response to release an order authorization.

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