Klarna Docs - What is On-site messaging?

What is On-site messaging?

Read this article for an introduction to Klarna On-site messaging and how this solution benefits you and your customers.

On-site messaging is a solution that lets you add tailored messaging to your business website or mobile app. With On-site messaging, you can let your customers know about the available payment options as they browse your online store, even before they decide to buy.

When you integrate Klarna into your business, your customers can find our flexible payment methods at your checkout. And On-site messaging is a great way to inform your customers beforehand about these paying benefits. For example, they can learn from the messages that they can pay with Klarna and that flexible payment options are available for their purchase.

Throughout their purchase journey, your customers see anticipated and interactive information about:

  • Klarna and the flexibility we provide
  • payment options for a specific purchase amount
  • Klarna basics like what it is and how it works

You can add On-site messaging for free. It's the perfect complement for any Klarna checkout or payment solution you've integrated into your purchase flow.

On-site messaging is an advertisement platform regulated by local authorities for each market. All the products and messaging we promote are legally compliant and always up-to-date.

Different from other similar solutions, On-site messaging doesn't place cookies by default.

We offer a variety of assets for showing messages across relevant pages of your online store. Every asset is dynamic and adjustable to the payment methods you offer. You can change the design, so the asset fits seamlessly into your site or app. You can also customize the font, color of text and links, padding, and much more.

To learn more technical details about the placement of the messages, see our Placements section.

Here are some examples of how your customers visualize the messages:

Delivering the right payment message in crucial moments of the purchase can increase both conversion and average order values. Use On-site messaging to show payment options on the product page and cart page of your online store. The messages are tailored based on the item price or basket size.

For the product and cart pages messaging, we use our credit promotion placement. It displays interactive Klarna messaging in two different shapes: displaying the Klarna logo or showing an in-line Klarna mention in the message.

By clicking on the message, your customers learn more about the payment methods with calculated prices and can also interact with the payment amount to estimate their budget.

Product page

Use this messaging widget to show payment options on the product page. You can place this asset below the price of an item to automatically display a tailored message. When clicking on the message, the pop-up shows all the available payment options with calculated prices for this product. This calculation is based on our smart targeting logic.

Sample of product page messaging.

Cart page

Inform your customers of the available payment options at the cart page with messaging tailored to the whole order amount.

Sample of cart page messaging.

Inform your customers about their financing options as early as possible. Add these assets to all of your pages, catch your customers' attention, and let them know they can pay with Klarna. The placements for these messaging assets are footer and top-strip.


This is an interactive Klarna messaging that stays static at the top of the pages of your online store. Similar to credit promotion, when clicking on this message, your customers get information on all the available payment methods. For top-strip promotion, you can choose between two different shapes: displaying the Klarna logo or showing an in-line Klarna mention in the message.


This is a non-interactive Klarna messaging that stays at the bottom of every page of your online store. Showcase the Klarna badge and all other payment providers you offer at your checkout.

Sample of footer and top-strip messaging.

Tell your customers everything they want to know about buying with Klarna by adding our dynamic one-pager FAQ landing page. This way, you’ll reduce contacts to your customer service as well as any friction in the purchase journey.

The link to our FAQ page can be easily placed into your navigation bar or footer. Our FAQ page dynamically shows information adjusted to the Klarna payment methods you offer.

Sample of FAQ messasing.