Klarna Docs - JavaScript SDK events.

JavaScript SDK events.

Learn about the events exposed by On-site messaging.

The On-site messaging JavaScript SDK includes an event handler that allows you to listen for specific events related to the informational modal and specify a callback function to be triggered when those events occur.
Use the event handler by calling the following function:

window.Klarna.OnsiteMessaging.on(event: EventType, callback: function)

The event handler supports the following events:

  • informational-modal-opened or informationalModalOpened are triggered when a customer clicks the call to action button and the interstitial opens
  • informational-modal-closed or informationalModalClosed are triggered when a customer closes the interstitial
  • placement-rendered or placementRendered are triggered when placement is rendered

We encourage to use kebab-case, but we also support camelcase eventTypes.

If either the EventType or callback parameter isn't provided, the function will log an error on the console, but will not throw an error to avoid causing issues on the page. If a string is passed for EventType that is not supported, the function will log an error as well.

Here's an example of how you can use the window.Klarna.OnsiteMessaging.on function to block the scrolling of the background when the informational modal is opened.

In this example, the merchant is using the informationalModalOpened to block the scrolling of the background when the interstitial is opened. The informationalModalClosed event restores the scrolling when the interstitial is closed.

window.Klarna.OnsiteMessaging.on('informationalModalOpened', function() {
  document.body.style.overflow = 'hidden';

window.Klarna.OnsiteMessaging.on('informationalModalClosed', function() {
  document.body.style.overflow = 'auto';