Klarna Docs - On-site messaging

On-site messaging

On-site messaging is a platform that enables you to add tailored messaging to your website. With On-site messaging you can let shoppers know about the different payment options you have available as they browse your site. By using Klarna, customers have access to our flexible payment options in the checkout; On-site messaging is a great way to let them know even before they decide to buy.

Product page and cart promotions - a must have!

Delivering the right payment message at the moment of consideration can increase both conversion and average order values. Use our payment messaging widget to show payment options based on item price or basket size. Place this asset below the price of an item to automatically display the best message based on our smart targeting logic and the payment options you offer.


Use our top-strip and marketing banners to let shoppers know they can pay with Klarna. Add these assets to all of your pages to catch the attention of shoppers and let them know you offer Klarna as early as possible.


Use our dynamic footer to showcase the Klarna badge or all of the payment methods you offer in your checkout. We display the most recent logos of each provider to ensure brand consistency. Place this footer at the bottom of every page show shoppers know their payment options before getting to the checkout.

Klarna FAQ

Help shoppers find the answers to their most commonly asked questions, with a Klarna FAQ on your page. You’ll reduce contacts to your customer service, by letting customers know how they can shop using Klarna. Our FAQ page can be easily placed into your navigation bar or footer. The page dynamically shows information about the Klarna payment methods that you offer.