Klarna Docs - On-site messaging in a nutshell.

On-site messaging in a nutshell.

Here you can find a high-level description of how On-site messaging works.

On-site messaging is a great way to motivate your customers in their shopping by informing them about the flexible payment options they can use.

Your customers can see this information through messages displayed during the purchase journey, and you can decide where the messages appear and how they look.

To have On-site messaging up and running in your online store, you need to:

1. Choose the placement type: Define which of our messaging assets you want to use and where they'll appear.

2. Integrate: Follow the steps to activate, install, and customize the messages. You can also perform a test in the playground environment (optional) and then complete the integration in the production environment.

3. Go live: Replace the code in production with the snippet you tested in playground.

When choosing the messages to integrate into your online store, you also select where your customers will see them throughout their purchase journey. Placements are message containers, which you have to define in the source code of your online store.

For technical details about the placement options, see the Placements section.

For your cart and product pages, we offer dynamic messages. These are tailored messages for specific purchase cases. Their content changes according to different conditions, such as purchase amount and the payment methods you offer.

From a pool of possible messages to display, our targeting algorithm selects the most adequate message for each case. The algorithm selects the messages taking different aspects into consideration (for example, the offered payment methods, the accepted payment range for each payment method, and more).