Klarna Docs - Cancel an authorization

Cancel an authorization

Use the Klarna payments API to cancel an authorization and remove any customer debts gotten during the payment session.

When a customer won't complete a purchase or you won't use the authorization token immediately, you can cancel the authorization. This action clears the customer's debt.

To cancel an authorization, send a DELETE request with an empty request body to the {apiUrl}/payments/v1/authorizations/{authorizationToken} endpoint. Provide the authorization token you got from the authorize() call as an {authorizationToken} parameter.

Canceling an authorization might impact our credit assessment when attempting to generate a new one.

Success response.

In response to your call, you receive a 204 status code corresponding to a successful but empty response.

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

Content-Type: application/json
Klarna-Correlation-Id: e19dc121-1276-419d-882a-c343d58fb9aa

{ }

Sample of a success response to cancel an authorization.

Error response.

If the authorization token in your request is invalid, you get an error response. Ensure the authorization_token value you provided is correctly formatted and corresponds to an authorization that has not expired.

    "correlation_id": "6a9b1cb1-73a3-4936-a030-481ba4bb203b",
    "error_code": "ERROR_CODE",
    "error_messages": [

Sample of an error response to release an authorization.