Klarna Docs - Cancel a customer token

Cancel a customer token

You can cancel a customer token if it's no longer needed, for example, if a customer cancels their subscription.

Once you cancel a token, it becomes unavailable and you can't restore it. If the customer signs up for your services in the future, you'll need to generate a new customer token.

Cancelling a token

To cancel a customer token, send a PATCH request to the {apiUrl}/customer-token/v1/tokens/{customerToken}/status endpoint. Specify the token identifier as the customerToken path parameter and set the status body parameter to CANCELLED.

    "status": "CANCELLED"

A sample request to cancel a customer token.

Success response

In response to your call, you'll get a confirmation that the token is being canceled.

Token patch request has been accepted and is being processed.

A success response to the token cancelation request.

Error response

If a token can't be canceled, you'll get an error response.

    "correlation_id":	"6a9b1cb1-73a3-4936-a030-481ba4bb203b",
    "error_code":	"ERROR_CODE",
    "error_messages":	[

An error response to the token cancelation request.

Here are examples of common errors with troubleshooting suggestions. You can use the value in correlation_id to find entries related to the request under Logs in the Merchant portal.

Error codeError messageDescription
NOT_FOUNDInvalid token IDA specified token doesn't exist. Check if the value in {customerToken} is correct, then try again.
BAD_VALUE{incorrect field}Your request contains a value that isn't allowed.